You love sweets, you know you do.   Admit it!


I know I do anyway.  Finding and trying new and unique desserts is a passion of mine, and I am always looking for an excuse to try something new.  If you share this passion for finding unique desserts, or if you just love looking at pictures of desserts and sweets, may I please introduce you to SugarBomber


Started in April 2009 by the folks at CitySearch, SugarBomber is something like an online scrap book of desserts submitted by folks just like you and me.  Anyone can submit, and I was selected to become one of the dictatorsalong with a few other bloggers you may already know and love.  I  have already submitted a few yummy dessert finds in my area.  Notice all the pictures in this post?  These are just a few of my finds already posted on SugarBomber


So, when you get a moment, and when you want to browse some unique desserts from all over America, check out SugarBomber.com.  Even better, take your camera out with you next time you go out and snap a few pictures of some fun and funky desserts! 


Sharing the love … dessert style!

Author: Kelly

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