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Well, the pizza crust recipe from my text book ROCKED!!  Crispy and crunchy on the outside with a soft chewy inside with an irregular cell structure.  Perfect texture on the bottom of the crust too … crisp yet chewy.  This is my new pizza crust recipe.  Having to start the day before is well worth it!  Sadly, it was eaten before I thought to take a picture, but as I am sure I will be making this again soon, I will get some pics then!

Today, before I left for the office, I started a poolish for some ciabatta bread.  I tried to make ciabatta bread a few months ago but I added too much yeast and it did not come out well at all.  WAY too much yeast flavor.  Hopefully this bread will not have that same problem (since I now understand that active dry and fresh yeast are not equal substitutes) and I plan to post some pics of it here.

Tonight I will also start a starter for sourdough.  A few years ago I tried to make a natural starter and what I got was a tub of rancid flour water.  This time I have some better instructions, and newly found patience.  The starter contains acidic juice that will help wake up the yeast that is already in the flour, as well as keep some forms of harmful bacteria from developing.  The recipe and discussion of it is here.  If I have success I will let you know, and I plan to document the starter for the gallery.  Posterity and all that.

In Nigella News …

The Food Network plans to air Nigella Bites starting Jan. 28!  Hooray for them and hooray for me!  I have not seen this series, and I was feeling kind of low since Nigella Feasts was over.  People have said that her older shows are filmed differently, and she does not feel like she is acting as much as her Feasts show.  (I have not, until now, had anything to compare it to, so I would not know). 

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