Getting Things Done!!

Well!!  I will start with my good news to share this week this week!

We got all the bread from Monday and Tuesday baked this week!!!   We also got out closer to our end time as well, so all things considered things were good!  One of the people in my group has gone missing and no one has been able to contact her.  I hope she is ok!! 



My first attempts at sourdough bread came out so well I could not believe my luck!!  Given the proper time to ferment and proof was key.  I knew, from reading, that wild yeast starters do not have the oomph that commercial yeast had, so when after an hour the bread did not appear any different I did not panic.  It took almost 6 hours for the final proof, and I also stashed the bread in the fridge overnight to give it more time to sour so as long as I plan for a long process it is fine.  And so rewarding!!!

This weekend when I bake more sourdough I will be sure to get some pictures so you can all see how nice the bread is coming out!  Tonight I will start building the starter for this weekends breads.  Fun!!

I would like to state for the record … I hate bakers percentages!  Hate them!!

Author: Kelly

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