Pizza Dough

I am making pizza for dinner, and I started the dough yesterday.

The crust starts with a biga that was allowed to ferment overnight in a cold oven.  (As it has been in the 30's here the last few days, the oven is warmer than the counter, and I know how cold inhibits yeast production)  This morning I put the biga, which was puffy and had that lovely yeast smell that bread dough has, in a bowl that I covered and stashed in the fridge.  If all goes as planned I will be able to make up the dough when I get home and it will rise while I am huffing-and-puffing on my elliptical trainer.  By the time I am finished I will be ready to scale out the crusts.  Then, it is dinner!

I got this recipe from my new text book at school … I think this breads and rolls class is going to be a blast!  I know my husband was worried we were only doing boring bread, but I showed him the list of projects and he seemed quite pleased.  (More so when he saw some of the Indian and Jewish breads we were making.  My boy does like his ethnic breads!)

An e-friend told me that my passion for my classes was amusing to him … and I thought that was nice!  I told him that if I did not have the passion what would be the point??

Author: Kelly

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