Cake Decorating and the Dentist

In my gallery I have added a section called cake decorating and that gallery has all the projects from my class this summer.  So far I am liking the class and our teacher, and I hope to get a lot out of it.  We have done a cute rainbow cake, that I gave to my hound dog Bella for her birthday, and a clown cake.  We have also started roses, but I am feeling pretty ok about those.

Yesterday I had a teeth cleaning at my dentist and I ran into my Bakery Ops teacher.  She is an absolute doll, and is going on a vacation that is making me green with envy!  A cruise to Alaska!  JEALOUS!!

Is is odd to see people from school out of the school environment.  I suspect all people are that way, feeling odd seeing co-workers or teachers out side of the normal place you see them. 

Tonight I am baking and frosting a birthday cake for a co-workers husband, and I am going to decorate it with roses and vines.  Just a simple spray, but it will be my first one.  Ever.  I am excited to get started and I am counting the moments until the end of the day.  I shall post photos for you all to, I hope, enjoy! 

Author: Kelly

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