Flower Basket

Flower Basket Cake

Flower Basket Cake

This is what I did last night.  I made it for one of my co-workers and it was pretty good.  I have had such fun making different flowers, but I like the roses the best. 

School has been good.  I learned that I do not enjoy making fancy desserts, but I need to learn how to make them to be a well-rounded baker.  Yay. I did learn how to make a pretty kick ass soufflé that I was able to make at home.  They are far easier than I thought and I quite impressed myself!  (After the angel food cake disaster last year I have been wary of desserts leavened by egg whites only.)  We also made charlottes, which were good but not my cup of tea.  Maybe it was the sponge cake, or the lack of chocolate … who can say.

I have agreed to do a wedding cake next month for the future sister-in-law of my best friend, so expect to see pics of that soon.  Wedding cakes are fun!!

This is a short update.  I have had a long day and I think I need a nap.  So, enjoy the cake, and check out the gallery for additional pics.  This is under cake decorating.


Author: Kelly

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