Happy New Year

It is hard to think of my top Semi-ho episodes because they all have something in them that makes them memorable. The list below represents the ten episodes that have left a lasting impression one me and include some of the Klassic moments I love to hate!

So, for the new year, and because I felt like getting this down …

My Offical Top SLop Ten List:

10. Take In/Out 2 – It is all about the desecration of a poor apple pie, mayo infused breakfast sandwiches, undercooked pork, and tinis. The tablescape at the end also makes no sense when you consider the food she made. This episode is all the left-over ideas for other episodes tossed into one.

9. Sunset Clambake – The sand, the surf, the wind, the breasts!! This episode attained instant Klassic status due in large part to the prominent display of the 'girls'. Added to that the 'shortcake' made of pound cake and cream cheese, taco flavored fish tacos, and a coral theme table and you have a recipe for a beach disaster!

8. Picnic – Burning books, not just for communists anymore! A full sized dining room table and wing back chairs are always in style at the local park! Deli Chicken Fingers and Canned Orange Salad, a basket of food sitting in the sun, and a cake covered in liquid lemon whipped topping … you have recipe for instant Klassik!

7. Bachelor BBQ – Beer, shots, cocktails and some shitty food!! Now, that spells party!! Hand me a chewy steak sandwich and a Beer Buzz! Oh, and pretend that this park is my back yard, will ya?

6. Holiday Cocktail Party – Random clothing changes, glasses rimmed in a choking hazard, dumb ass Kandy Krafts, and BeeeeeYoooooorrrnn! Nothing says Holiday like nutcrackers and a Cocktail Tree covered in the evidence of alcoholism!

5. French Foods – Because, as all good shrikes know, France is the City of Lights! Need I say more?

4. Sexy Soiree – Talk about too much information!! I do not want to think of Sandy and her ex not making it upstairs!! (And knowing how she abuses Pixi-stix I don’t think you do either!) Autopsy Salmon, canned chicken salad, and melted chocolate chips. Yumm!! I know I’m in the mood!

3. Recipe Box Club – 'New' kitchen (with a mountain top view), new recipe box concept, new line of Krappy products to sell … Sandy takes her show in a new direction and delivers dog food inspired dishes! Hail the new era of SLop!

2. Carnival Food – "Danielle Likes Big Ones" "Danielle, I Love You!!" the silly story with no point, and the unforgettable Corn Dog Porn ™ **Bow chick-a bow wow** Klassik!!

1. Holiday Show – The Kakes of Cultural Insensitivity, melon ballers come out for the winter, cheesecakes are destroyed, crescent roll dough Slopped up like never before … this episode is a Klassic for so many reasons.

Side note — I had a lovely Christmas and got everything I wanted.  Also, I got an A in both my classes last semester!!  See you next year!!

Author: Kelly

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