Over a month later …

To be honest with you, if you are even out there, I am not sure how many people really read this little blog of mine, so I have been bad about not posting.  On the other side of that coin, how an I going to find more readers of my mundane little blog if I do not post more.  *sigh*

You will all be happy to know, if you are keeping score, that I passed Breads & Rolls with an A.  *Hooray*  I am now into my second week of Bakery Ops.  It is a accelerated May course and so far it seems ok.  The teacher is nice, and the assignments do not seem too taxing, but it is only the second week!  We do have to write a business plan, well most of a business plan, and that is useful since I do plan to open a bakery one day. 

To be honest, this class is not the most pressing thing on my mind at the moment.  I am about to go on vacation and I am pretty much checked out at the moment.  *he he*  This is my first real vacation in six years and you can understand why I am preoccupied. 

I have not been baking much at home.  Not so much from a lack of time but from a lack of desire.  I know, I should bake but I just do not have it in me at the moment.  After my vacation I will get back into my weekly habit.  I was, honestly, sick and tired of bread!  And I felt too much was going into the trash can.  I can fix that by cutting my formulas in half.  Since I know bakers percentages I can do that sort of thing.  🙂

I will get back to more writing.  If for no other reason that it is good for my soul to get this stuff written out. 

Author: Kelly

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