Making Pies and Pics Updated!

Saturday in Fun-Bake we made pies.  Yummm, pie!!

I have posted pics of the Peach Custard Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie and the 1/2 Apple Pie I took home.  Also, pics of my first attempt at Blitz Puff Pastry and pics of the cookies and corn muffins from my mid-term practical are posted.

The Chocolate Cream Pie needs more chocolate.  I would add 1/4 cup of Dutch Cocoa to that pie to give it more chocolate punch.  Otherwise, delish!!  The Peach Custard pie is good, I took that one to work.  It has mace in it, and that gives it an interesting flavor.  Not your standard peach pie, and good.  The apple was ok.  I think it needed more apple, and I put more sugar in mine.  It was pretty tart, but not bad overall.

The other pies we made were Cream Cheese pie and Key Lime Pie.  I did not want the cream cheese pie (gross!) and the Key Lime was taken by the girls in out group that made them.  It is only fair since I took the Chocolate Cream pie that I made.  I also made the peach.

I learned a new way to mix pie dough, and it makes the pie crust crisp and flaky!  Really holds up well too, after two days in the fridge the peach pie crust is still fairly crisp!

We rolled out a TON of pie crusts.  I swear I rolled out a thousand!  My shoulders are sore today, let me tell you!

Next week, more pie and written mid-terms. 

For my Safety and Sanitation class I have to create a HACCP plan for 200 servings of Chicken Fried Steak from frozen meat.  I have a lot of examples that I have found on the net and I will start work this week.  It is due soon, and I need to get crackin'!

Author: Kelly

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