Wedding Cake and Mutant Meatloaf

This post is more just random thoughts for today.  As you can tell I am feeling rather scattered.  Everyone has days like this.  Right? 

Next month I am making a wedding cake for a family friend.  It will not be dissimilar to one I did in October for the brother of my best friend.  She asked for lemon curd filling and the design to be pretty much like the cake pictured below.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake


I love making wedding cakes and I am looking forward to getting to make this cake for her.  I look forward to baking and decorating cakes since I do not get to do it all that often.  I wish I had taken cake decorating this semester, but I simply did not have time. 

Wednesday is fast approaching, and with Wednesday comes school. 

I really would rather skip it, but I am making myself do this.  Mostly because I want to just be done with the class, and partly because I have decided to challenge myself.  The challenge is to see if I can hold my temper and my tongue for the remainder of the semester.  True, I don’t really have to take this class and I would reduce my personal stress level if I just dropped, but am I a quitter?  It is, after all, just a class in school.  I’m an adult woman who can suck it up and deal.  And it is not NEARLY as awful as the class I dropped last semester.  That was painful.

I’m a strong woman who can do her best and can confront problems.  I shall not run.  Besides, it is just baking after all.

It has been a while since I have discussed the horror show that is Semi-homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee.  My snarkiness is satisfied, for the most part at the Television Without Pity message boards (linked to the side) but there are some culinary abortions that I can’t not say anything about.

One very brave shrike named TwaddleHill made Sandra Lee’s Smothered Meatloaf from her ‘Easy Elegance’ show. Here are pictures of her results

Smothered Meatloaf

Yes, that meatloaf was made in a slow cooker, and yes it REALLY has all those seasoning-soup-canned products in it.  I would like you to note the pink center, the pools of grease, the unnatural texture.   I salute the brave shirke who produced this!!   Let this slide show be a warning to all Fandras out there … there is nothing good about Sandra Lee or what she does.

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