School Starts Next Week

Hello post number one of my Culinary School Journal!� (Insert appropriate fanfare and clapping here.)

I have decided to document my journey through cooking school from start to finish.� I�am going to photograph my work, post the pictures of the successes and (let’s hope few-and-far-between) failures.

Why, you ask?� Well, to start, I like the idea of having a way to measure my progress.� I can look back at these first posts and think how far I have come.�

Second, I want this to be a place for people who know me to see how I am doing with school.

So, here we are then.� School starts next week.� I am taking a Safety and Sanitation and Fundamentals of Baking.� I have already started reading my text books … because I am a dork.

Last night I made a cake from a formula in my text book for yellow butter cake.� I have struggled with this type of cake for years.� I can make chocolate cakes and white cakes that will make you weep they are so tasty.� I can produce�italian cream cakes and banana cakes that are moist and lovely.��But, yellow cake success has always eluded me.� Bad recipes were mostly at fault.� That and not knowing that to scale your ingredients (weigh them) is divine.�

So, out with the flavorless, crumbly, dry, rubbery tunneled cakes.� Hello moist, delicious, fluffy cakes!!� Woo!




Author: Kelly

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