So, I did something bad … and other things.

I'm not happy about something I did last night, but it had to be done.

I dropped a class for the upcoming semester.  Aside from the faint blush of shame I feel that I dropped the class before it began, I find I am more relieved than anything else.  The class was on Saturdays, and Saturday classes are hard for me since I work full-time during the week, and I attend classes Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Burn out is imminent … Danger Danger!!

There is also a hefty dose of apathy in my decision that developed and has lingered since I last blogged.  What does it really matter?  I will not get this degree anyway … I am just prolonging the inevitable, and so on.

The class was Basic Food Prep.  I need this class at some point, if I decide to move forward, but it is not pastry related.  I am still taking Laminated Dough and Pate Choux.  It is more my thing, and it is not likely to be offered at night for a long time to come so dropping it would be very foolish. 

Enough of this self-pity …

In November I made a brief mention of how I met Nigella Lawson at a book signing in Dallas.  She was more than I expected.  Warmer, far more beautiful, humble, and kind.  She took the time to sign all the books I had with me and also to discuss cooking.  I told her how she has inspired me and what a great role-model she has been to me and she turned, putting down her pen, and said, "Thank you!  What a lovely thing to say." 

Even now, months later, it makes me giddy. 

Since that time I have made it something of my life's work to be more like her.  No, I have not gone so far as to adopt an English accent and wear snug cardigans, because I will always be me, but I am using Nigella as my ultimate aspiration.  I daresay it is something of a hobby now.  (Read, polite obsession)

And now for something non-culinary … (shock).

If you read, and if you read blogs you likely read books, then you must with out delay go and get the following books. 

"Silent in the Grave" and "Silent in the Sanctuary" by Deanna Rayourn.  They are page turners that will leave you thirsting for more.  Really, these are the best historical fiction/mystery books I have read in ages and I can not recommend them highly enough.  So, run out and get them. 

Author: Kelly

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