Practicals are over …

And I got a 150 out of 150 for my cookies and corn muffins.


It went way better than I could have hoped!  Nerves aside, it was pretty easy to get my focus.  I did one thing at a time, and I took my time (but, neither took that long) and it paid off!  I think my home practice helped.  I got my timing down pretty well and got a bit of confidence.  Both are good things.

I have pics, but I need to load them and I can't do that at work.  I will try to do that tonight so you can see exactly what I did.

Now, off to study.  I have a quiz in sanitation class, I have my written Fun-Bake mid-term in two weeks, and I have to read the chapter on pies.

Yeah, we are doing pies this Saturday.  Yummm … pie!

Author: Kelly

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