Cookbooks and Cakes

So, my best friend in the world is getting married in England this October.  It is a long story, but the short version is that she met him, a very nice man who is also a cutie, on the internet, went to meet him in person, fell in love, moved away, and is prepared to live happily ever after!  *sigh*  She is maybe one of the bravest people I know.  I would have a panic attack moving across town much less across the globe!

I am to be her matron of honor, but being across the big blue ocean precludes me from much of the pre-wedding activities I would normally get to take part in.  I do, however, get to throw her a wedding shower when she returns to the states for her Spring visit.  I am THRILLED!  I get an opportunity to do something for her wedding aside from be in it.  Oh, and making her cake.  I will get to that in a moment.

So, she is having a recipe party.  It is where people bring treasured recipes for her to add to a cookbook so the 'little woman' will have a stock of time-tested recipes to start her marriage with.  It is a super idea!  I have been, for the last few months, writing down recipes and thoughts on cooking in general and I have discovered, with a bit more padding in the recipes department, which should not be a problem considering I have a ton of recipes in my recipe binders that I have tweaked over the years, that I will have for her a full fledged cookbook!  Apparently I have a lot to say about food and cooking! 

It is funny.  I began this project as a simple collection of good recipes and it has become my sort of statement on food, and life if we want to get deep.  I'm not sure that I want anyone to see it, but I have already told her about it so I do not have a choice.  Oddly, when it comes to my writing I am shy.  I wonder why I should feel that way?  Is it that what I write is too personal?  Or, maybe I am afraid it will seem silly?  With by best friend I should not be shy because she loves me and understands that there is a wacky side to me that could, if given the chance, write for days and days about how wonderful food and eating is.  It is a pastime I know she shares.

As for her cake, I am making her wedding cake in England.  I am not too worried about it, but having said that I am anxious.  The climate is different there, as are the ovens.  Ingredients will also be different that what I am used to and I do not want to get there and make a cake that does not work.  Or, even worse, that works but tastes bad.

Ten months till the wedding and I am already stressing over the cake.  Yay me!

Author: Kelly

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