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Who doesn’t love a good muffin?  I know I do.  And the muffins pictured below are hard to resist.  Trust me!  I told you all about these muffins last week.  Here is a link to the blog entry that includes the recipe for these chocolaty lovelies.  You really should make them.

I am so PLEASED that the Giants won the Super Bowl!  I was afraid, at the end, that New England was going to win but the Giants were able to score one more time.  Brilliant!  My Dallas Stars also swept their Canada road trip, so I was in a very good  mood this weekend and to cap it all off we had some DELISH food.  Let me tell you what we did.

More pleasing to me personally than the Giant’s win, as I am truly a Cowboys fan, was the pork shoulder my husband smoked.  It was tender and juicy.  Far better than the pulled pork you get at most generic bar-b-q places, this pork was sweet from the secret recipe rub we used and tender from the almost 9 hours it spent on the smoker.

To go with that tender slab of pork I made macaroni salad as a side and for snacking I prepared the guacamole, queso blanco, and spiced bean dip from my Friday Recipes.  For dessert I used some left over puff pastry that I had frozen the week before and made chocolate rolls.  I broke one open and snapped this picture before I devoured it. 

Chocolate Roll ... Exposed!!!

So, yesterday I also made a birthday cake for one of the people in my office and this morning I was in such a rush to get out the door I forgot it.  I feel like a total tool, and I went out and got an ice cream cake to make up for it.  I hate that it is not the cake I made, but since it takes me 30 min on a good day to get home I would use my entire lunch hour going to get a cake that I can just as easily bring up tomorrow.

I made a lemon bundt cake with a lemon glaze.  It looked yummy, and since I don’t really need it now I may take a slice tonight for dessert and see if it tastes as good as it smelled. 

I just really hate that I forgot it.  Of course, I would leave my head behind if it were not attached to my body. 

I rule!

Author: Kelly

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