Semester is over …

Boy, slap my mouth and call me a slacker!!  I have been so busy that posting here has not been a high priority, but I wanted to do the semester end round-up.  Yee-haw! 

Safety & Sanitation:

I got the highest score in my class on the ServSave National Exam … 98%.  I was surprised, because when I took the test I was all OCD about Thanksgiving (the test was the night before) and so my head was not really in it.  I guess that works for me!  The National Exam was not the final, however, and I had to take that last night.  Whoopie!

I enjoyed this class a lot!  My teacher is a really sweet lady, and she knows her sanitation!  Also, it helped that she and I had a class together Saturdays (this time we were both students) and could also bond there too.  I hope I can have another class with her in the future!


Last class was Saturday.  We had our clean-up (scrubbing sheet pans, whoopie!) and final written exam.  It was not too hard, and I hope I did ok.

I got a 145 on my final practical. 

Here is what I presented.  I know the turnovers are not as puffy as the ones I made at home (see the gallery under Final) but I had a lot less time, and inorder to make sure they were done in the middle I had to roll them thinner.  There was a lot of talk that the majority of the turnovers were presented with raw middles, so I think my plan worked!

Chocolate Cream Pie and Turnovers 

Apparently my whipped cream was not sweet enough despite the fact that my 2 cups of cream had 4oz of sugar whipped in.  Oh well, I will take a 145!  We had to make a cream pie and a blitz puff pastry item.  I drew Chocolate Cream Pie and Turnovers.

I can't tell you how much I got out of this class!  I am really looking forward to Breads & Rolls with this prof next semester!  She is also a sweetheart, but in a different way.  She is easy to like, sarcastic, and she says things that seem like picking, but are really meant to help.  I had to learn to appreciate that, and now that I do I am better for it!  I owe her more than I can express.

Next semester begins Jan. 22.  I will be in Breads & Rolls and an Internet course for Small Business Operations.

Yeah, I am also going to get a Small Business Management Certificate.  Wanting to open my own bakery is more than just knowing how to bake.  I also need to understand how a business runs.  Since there is some doubt about my chances of completing the baking program (their schedule has suddenly become very rigid and not full-time worker friendly!) and I want to learn everything I think I need to know, I am taking the business classes.

I will do what I can.

Over the holiday I will post pictures of my baking … cookies and pies and rolls and all the assorted dishes that make Christmas complete!  Stay tuned!

Author: Kelly

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