More Pizza, Sourdough Starter Update, and Weekend Baking

I will be making more pizza this weekend.  The first batch was so good, and my brother is coming over, I can't help myself.  I must make it again!  I think I will start the biga tonight, make the dough tomorrow night and stash it in the fridge for a good long ferment.  Slow ferment means more flavor, and flavor is almost always a good thing. 

Ol' Yeastie, my starter I began just under a week ago, is doing pretty well, I think.  In the last two days there have been bubbles.  These bubbles are not just from my stirring and it also has a sour tangy aroma.  I am hopeful that things are going well, and I hope to be using the starter by next weekend, if all goes well. 

I am going to tackle some recipes from my syllabus this weekend in an effort to have a clue about the bread we are making.  I am thinking I will try the Rustic Bread and maybe the Ciabatta again.  This time I will take some of the bread to the office Monday with some shaved ham as a treat! 

New Nigella (at least to me) this weekend!!!

Nigella Bites starts this weekend on Food Network.  I got her Bites cookbook for Christmas, and I adore it!  I am really looking forward to seeing her make the food.  She makes cooking seem so exotic that I can't help but want to go cook something myself just so I can feel like her.  I am not, however, as elegant and not at all as stylish as she.  I am more a jeans and hockey themed t-shirt kind of gal, but that has its own charm!

Have a great weekend, and I shall report back Monday with my baking progress!

Author: Kelly

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