School … the 1st week report

Well, school started last week.  And, aside from one of my teachers being out of the country for a funeral, it was great.

 I am so excited about my Fundamentals of Baking class.  This one will be a lot of work but also a lot of fun.  I know there is a lot about baking that I need to work on, techniques that I can learn, and better ways to prepare dishes.  This class is going to get me started on my way to better quality baked goods, and that rules!!  Next week we begin baking.  Cookies.  Woo!

My Sanitation class is not as awesome.  In fact, this class looks like it may be a big drag.  But I will do my best and do all my work and pass that bad-boy. 

So, tonight starts week 2.  I shall keep you posted.

Author: Kelly

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