Schweinshaxe, Spätzle und Rotkohl (Pork Knuckle, Spaetzle, and Red Cabbage)

I was lucky enough to make it through to the second round of Project Food Blog!  Many thanks to the generous people who voted for me.  Your reward is something delicious! Last year my husband and I went to Bavaria.  Munich to be precise.  A good part of my family came to America from the southern part of Germany, so I jumped at the chance to go.  Munich was lovely, all old buildings and gruff yet lovable Germans, but what I remember...

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Scenes from Munich 2009

While I am away at the First Annual FoodBuzz Festival I am going to leave you with some pictures from my recent trip to Munich, Germany and a promise of tasty recipes to come! Be warned, this is a photo heavy post.  So where should I start? The Food!!! This was my first meal in Munich – It is a crisp fried chicken breast with french fries! This was my last meal there … The Augustiner Bräu Special – Roasted Chicken,...

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