Apple Bacon Fritters with Maple Bourbon Glaze

 I love doughnuts.  There is something wonderfully fun about fried dough smothered in a sweet glaze.  Doughnuts are perfect for parties, meetings, brunches, and breakfasts with a hot cup of coffee.

 Apple Bacon Fritters

If you have never had a homemade doughnut you really must try one.  They are pretty easy to make, you can even make the dough the night before and then cut and proof the dough the next morning to save time, and freshly glazed they are the stuff of family legends.

 Apple Bacon Fritters

I decided to take my favorite doughnut, the apple fritter, and combine it with my other deep and abiding love.  Bacon.   The result is a sweet apple doughnut with nuggets of crunchy bacon scattered throughout.  You could add more bacon if you wanted, but I wanted the bacon to be a random surprise to tease the taste buds.  Glazed with maple and bourbon, this is what I consider the perfect doughnut.

Apple Bacon Fritters    Yield 1 dozen

4 ounces water, heated to 110F
1/4 ounce dry active yeast
1 cup diced tart apple
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3 slices bacon, cooked crisp and chopped
3/4 ounce vegetable shortening
1 ounce sugar
1/8 ounce salt
1/8 teaspoon mace or nutmeg
1/2 ounce non-fat dry milk
1 egg
8 1/2 ounces bread flour
Vegetable oil for frying

Maple Bourbon Glaze   Enough to glaze 12 fritters or doughnuts

1/4 teaspoon gelatin
3 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons bourbon
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pound powdered sugar

In the bowl of a mixer combine the yeast and the water.  Allow to sit for ten minutes.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

While the yeast activates mix the apples, bacon, two tablespoons of sugar, and cinnamon.  Set aside.

In the same bowl as the yeast mixture mix the shortening, one ounce of sugar, salt, mace or nutmeg, dry milk, egg, and bread flour.  Mix with the dough hook on low speed for three minutes.  Check the hydration of the dough by touching it – if it is sticky but does not stick it is ready.  Mix on medium speed for six minutes.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

Add the apples mixture to the bowl and mix on low speed for three minutes, until the apples and bacon are well combined.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Allow to ferment for two hours, or until the dough has doubled in size.

Apple Bacon FrittersApple Bacon Fritters 

Once the dough has fermented turn out onto a well floured board and with the palm of your hand press out the dough into a large rectangle.  Cut the dough into the desired shapes, I find squares work well for me, and cover with plastic for thirty minutes.

While the fritters proof heat at least three inches of oil in a deep pot, allowing for two inches of space at the top of the pan to prevent overflow, to 375 F.

Apple Bacon FrittersApple Bacon Fritters  

Once proofed, fry the fritters in the hot oil for one minute per side.  Once fried drain on paper towels while you fry the remaining fritters.

Let the fritters cool slightly while you prepare the glaze.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

In a small bowl mix the gelatin with the water.  Allow to bloom for ten minutes.  Once bloomed heat in the microwave for 10 seconds until it is melted.

Apple Bacon Fritters Apple Bacon Fritters 

In a large bowl mix the gelatin with the remaining ingredients and mix until smooth.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

Dip the warm fritters into the glaze and turn to coat.  Let the excess drip off before transferring to a rack to dry.

Apple Bacon Fritters 

Enjoy warm, or at room temperature.

Apple Bacon Fritters

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Author: Kelly

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  • I’ll take 5 please. 🙂 I think my hubs will LOVE this. Forget about him… I think I’ll love this.

  • Work is cancelled so I can go to Kroger and prepare for my doughnut bender. Curses to your brilliant photography and imagination. But I am glad you are there for my jonesing!

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  • We can’t be friends anymore. You tempt me too much. 🙂 Just kidding. This looks amazing. I mean….amazing.

  • Something both the hubby and I would appreciate, they look amazing 🙂

  • Oh MY. I have always wanted to make apple fritters. These look AMAZING!! Can’t wait to try them out!

  • Helllllloooooooo BACON!!!!!!! Please tell me you saved me a few of these. Did you?? I could definitely have gone with these for breakfast rather than the stale cookie I had from yesterday. *drool*

  • Can I order a dozen? I love apple fritters… my mom used to buy them for me at the local farmer’s market, but I have never made my own. I might have to break the “I don’t fry” rule for this one. 🙂

  • As fall approaches I think of the fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts that were served at the apple orchard near our house. With a cold glass of cider, they were just about perfect.
    This doughnut is in a league by itself–wow!

  • Awesome.

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  • Oh. My. Fried. Dough. Extravaganza. Seriously… this should be illegal. It looks THAT good.

  • Glad I saw these in time to make them over the weekend and before the next round of dieting starts on Monday. Wow, those look fantastic. I arrived here via [email protected] kitchen addiction’s Friday Favorites.

  • OMG.. these are friggin awesome!

  • Our local donut shop makes a Bacon Maple Bar…but I love the idea of the apple fritter. Good choice!

  • wenke

    why do you use gelatin in your glaze? wouldn’t a glaze just with powdered sugar and bourbon/water do the job?

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  • Absolutely delicious!

  • Kelly

    Wenke – the gelatin helps the glaze set on the doughnut more thickly than a plain powdered sugar glaze.

  • This is my first time to ever visit your blog, and truly believe it is evil. In the best possible way!

  • Very interesting recipe and I like the Maple Bourbon twist, very creative

  • You’re killing me! OMG, I’m in love!

  • Oh dear! I am doomed! Yay!!!

  • Apple fritters are one of my favorite foods ever! I bet with bacon it would only make it better:)

  • hmm… i’m trying to make these now, and I don’t understand why there is “1 ounce of sugar” AND “3 tbsp of sugar”. When do I use which?

  • oops i mean 2 tbsp sugar

  • Efrain – I changed the directions to make things more clear. Sorry about that!!

  • Oh wow, I can’t wait to try these. These sounds like heaven, and it’s apple season!

  • These look FANTASTIC!

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