White Chocolate Lime Cookies

This recipe was listed on the Guardian.co.uk as a Highlight of the Week by Dan Lepard!  See the mention here!

Have you ever craved something, let’s say a cookie, and could not find a recipe that looked like it would be any good?

    White Chocolate Lime Cookies  

That is the predicimate I found myself in when I came up with this recipe.  I was fresh off my Lime Bars and I had lime on the brain, but I wanted a cookie.  Something subtle, sweet, and creamy with a hint of lime tang.  So I searched the internet, looked in various baking books, but I could not find a recipe that met my specifications. 

White Chocolate Lime Cookies Fixins, Pt. 1

What is an ingenious baker to do?  Why, make up her own cookies, of course!  I fully expected my first try at this recipe to be a failure.  Most of the time my first go at any recipe requires a fair bit or tweaking, but this time was different.  I would not add one single tweak.  They were crisp at the edges, chewy in the center, creamy from the white chocolate chips, and had a subtle underlying note of lime.  Visually, they were really pretty with golden edges, pale centers, and just the right amount of puff.  In short, perfect!

White Chocolate Lime Cookies Fixins, Pt. 2  

I had my husband and co-workers taste test these for me, lest I be blinded by ‘mother’s love’ for my cookies.  My husband had four cookies, strictly for quality control purposes he assured me, and declared they were really good and I should not change them.  My co-workers did not say much because they all went for seconds with cookie still in their mouths.  There were a couple of moans.   I took that as a good sign!


White Chocolate Lime Cookies 

So, break out the zester and bake a batch of these refreshing cookies!!

  White Chocolate Lime Cookies   Yield 5 dozen cookies

1 cup unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup light brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 tablespoon lime zest
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 – 12 oz bag white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line two sheet pans with parchment paper.

In a large mixing bowl or stand mixer, sugar and butter until combined but not fluffy.

Add eggs one at a time, then add vanilla, lime juice and lime zest.  Mix to combine. 

Whisk together flours, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

White Chocolate Lime Cookie Dough

Mix into creamed mixture until just combined.  Fold in the white chocolate chips.

White Chocolate Lime Cookie Dough 

Shape the dough into 1″ balls, and place 2 inches apart on the baking sheet.  Bake for 10 minutes, or until the edges are golden and the centers are just set.

White Chocolate Lime Cookies - Cooling  

Allow to sit on the pan for three minutes before moving to wire racks.

White Chocolate Lime Cookies 

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Author: Kelly

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  • Those cookies look great!

  • Your cookies look delicious! I love the idea of pairing white chocolate with the lime.

  • Kelly

    Thank you!

  • These are scrumptious with chocolate and lime!

  • My love for both citrus and white chocolate tells me I’m gonna love this cookie. Bookmarking it right now!
    They not only look delicious but also beautiful.

  • These look amazing. I am going to have to try them.

    Thanks =)

  • Kelly

    Thank you all so much. If you bake them I hope you enjoy them!

  • These look totally yummy!!!

  • This looks absolutely delish!!! Can’t wait to try this out.

  • This recipe is fantastic. I LOVE lime and I love white chocolate.

    I think you have some really great, innovative baking recipes (and some that are Indian focused!). I’ve added you onto my blogroll.

  • Yum. These sound so good! And I think I even have everything on hand.

  • barry

    Hello! I found this recipe on Foodgawker and am really excited about trying it. However, I’m not very experienced. How many limes does it take to get a tablespoon of zest? Also, do you really need a zesting tool, or can I just use the smallest part of a cheese grater? Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Barry – Hi! I hope that you enjoy them if you try them.

    First, it took me a little over one large lime to get a tablespoon of zest. It depends on the size of the limes really.

    Second, you can use the small side of a cheese grater, just make sure you run a knife through it before you mix it in. The zester, or microplane, produces fine zest and that is what you want for even flavor.

  • Lime, white chocoltae…fabulous..If you wanted some nuts, you could chop us a few macademia nuts…GOOD JOB!

  • My mouth is watering just thinking about these!

  • Kelly

    Thank you! No aigstracts either! 😉 Monkey business.

  • Am now craving lime white chocolate cookies! Wow, those do sound incredible. The perfect way to try out that cookie scoop I bought last week!

  • These look AMAZING!

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  • These look absolutely amazing. Lime in anything tastes so tangy and good.

  • Those cookies look good! I like the sound of the white chocolate and lime combo.

  • korovka

    i made these and they were delicious. my co-workers kept coming back for more! the only extra thing i did was squeeze some lime juice on top right before the cookies went in the oven. it made for a nice sour lime taste when biting into the cookie

  • Kelly

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed them, and the additional lime juice sounds like a good idea!

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  • Josette

    Wow – really well recieved. I wanted to try something new for a desert affair and I love the taste of lime – They were a BIG hit.

    The only thing I added – to give the top a bit of shine – to dress them up – I dribbled a bit of a thin thin – very thin glaze made with lime juice & powdered sugar after the cookies cooled. Certainly not necessary – but it was for a party.

    Sure am glad you put the recipe out there. Thanks. Josette

  • Jackie

    I made these today and they are amazing! I love citrus. I used dark brown sugar because that’s what I had and they came out fine, just a bit darker than the ones in your picture. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • i made these tonight. they tasted great, and my family liked them.

    but the shape/size/texture are nothing like yours 🙁 i did something wrong in the mixing probably. I’m not that experienced, only recently started baking, but:

    ~ they did not ‘flatten’. they stayed as little mounds. and i let them in a little longer to make sure they got a little golden brown around the edges.
    ~ they are slightly crumbly, not chewy. but still good texture.
    ~ also, i just learned from your comment above that i should chop up the lime zest before measuring after grating. i dont have a zester, so i always grate it with the smallest side. but perhaps that’s why the citrus flavour is so strong in some of my baking haha! i dont properly zest!
    ~ also, it seemed my home was a bit warmer than usual, more people around, someone turned on the heater, and another person was cooking something on the stove. this climate might’ve affected the process?

    anyway, if I see your husband at work tomorrow, i’ll have him taste test and see what he thinks ;D

    Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  • Efrain – Sorry they did not turn out quite like you wanted. :(. Heat in the kitchen could have been a factor. Were the butter and eggs at room temp before mixing? You want them at room temp, but not too warm. The butter more than the eggs. Super soft butter can really change how the cookies bake. How much did you mix the flour once you added it? You don’t want to over mix that, just mix until the flour is incorporated. Mixing too much forms gluten, and a little gluten is fine but too much and your cookies will not spread like they should. ‘m sure Mark will let me know how they turned out. Glad they tasted good!

  • I found your recipe through a string of blog links of people who made them (slightly adapted). So I made them (using lemon instead of lime) and adapted them as well – to Gluten-free! They came out delicious! Thanks so much for a great cookie 🙂

  • Jacqueline

    This is the best cookie recipe ever. The chocolate/lime cookies were amazing. I am going to use the basic recipe for every cookie I ever make from now on. Today I am making a batch of white chocolate macadamia nut and a batch of chocolate chip cookies using this recipe. 🙂

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  • Making these for the second time now. I love them!

    Just a quick question…when you say one cup of butter, how many grams would that be? 250 or 225? Thanks!

  • jj

    I will be trying these out this weekend very excited! Ages ago I use to buy a lemon and white chocolate cookie that Target’s Market Pantry made…they discontinued it and it was my favorite store bought cookie. I love lime, but this recipe reminded me of those Target cookies so I think I will try this in both lime and lemon. As far as I am concerned you can never have enough of either.

  • mcostia

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I made these cookies this weekend and they are AMAZING! I got a large number out of the batch, and they were pretty simple to make. Even the people who looked skeptical at hearing the name of them were converted when they tried them. I already have requests for more!

    You never know about recipes on the internet but I will be back for more from you. Thanks!! 🙂 Love the blog!

  • Hamannde

    These were super! Really, really, really amazing. I didn’t have any problems with them! Thanks for creating the recipe.

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  • I just made these, but I tweaked the recipe so they could be gluten-free! They are aweeesome!!!

  • turned out yummy but flat? I doubled it and for some reason would not rise. I’m new to baking so maybe i should google it.

  • cristin

    i would like to try baking this one, my hunny and me both like lime cookies it only comes out in the groceries once and a while. will keep u posted on my progress …. newbie in baking. thanks for the recipe.

  • cristin

    update…. i love your cookies. my hubby have given me the greatest compliment because of you… the cookies that i have bake are way more delicious than the one’s we both in the stores. i followed your directions according to the recipe and it turns out very good. thanks again

  • Tara

    amazing! i used 1/2 cup of white sugar and 2 teaspoons of lime juice with bakers white chocolate.

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  • I made these for a party and they turned out great! My husband was skeptical of the white chocolate lime combo in cookies, but couldn’t stop eating them.

  • Steph

    I just made these – I used 6 small limes to get the full tbsp of zest. They are delicious and the lime flavour is perfect. I would add about 1/4 cup more flour next time just to bulk them up a bit as they were pretty flat, even after being refrigerated for an hour before baking. I added a 1/2tbsp extra flour to the second batch (only about 5 cookies though) and those 5 cookies were perfect! Thanks!

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