A Long Night

Last night was a very long night.  One of my dogs has an infection in her paw and we ended up taking her to the 24 hour vet clinic to get it looked at.  It looks like she will be ok, we have drugs and ointments to give her, but we are keeping an eye on her.  It was really sad at the 24 hour vet.  At 10pm there is not a lot of happiness to be had there.  While we were waiting for the doctor to get us our...

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A Weekend at Home – Gougeres

I had a busy weekend in the kitchen, and most of it was spent with Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Express. To start let me say that I think the principals of Express are wonderful.  Real food that does not take forever to make.  I can attest to the speed of the recipes, the five I have made took less than 30 minutes to get from pantry to plate, as well as to the tastiness of the final product.  Maybe the food is not all that healthy,...

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Surface to Mass Ratio

Well, I survived the first night of Laminated Dough, Pâte à Choux, Donuts, and Fritters.  Better than survived.  I did pretty well.  The class was busy and Chef did his level best to keep us working.  He does not tolerate slackers.  I love that.  A few observations: 1.  I love pâte à choux.  I love making it, piping it, baking it, and best of all eating it.  Yummm!  I also love that I was piping it right with out instruction from...

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New Classes Begin Today

I should be excited, filled with anticipation about the new semester, but I am not. Sad, isn't it?  I think I need an attitude adjustment, and fast.  Knowing you have a problem is the first step in getting well, so at least that is positive!  I'm sure once I get started I will feel that old magic spell once again.  I have to believe that, otherwise the next few months are going to be really hard to live...

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Cookbooks and Cakes

So, my best friend in the world is getting married in England this October.  It is a long story, but the short version is that she met him, a very nice man who is also a cutie, on the internet, went to meet him in person, fell in love, moved away, and is prepared to live happily ever after!  *sigh*  She is maybe one of the bravest people I know.  I would have a panic attack moving across town much...

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