Evil Shenanigans in NYC … Part 1

We arrived in New York City late on Friday night.  It was cold, in the 20’s, and there was a lot of wind which made it feel much colder.   It seemed within a few moments my face and legs were completely numb with cold.  We met the driver at baggage claim and once we had our bags we were off.

 NYC 2010 NYC 2010NYC 2010

The first two nights of our stay in New York City were spent in a boutique hotel called the Chelsea Pines Inn.  The hotel is a converted residence and each room is decorated with movie posters from Hollywood actors of the golden age.  Our room was the ‘Jeff Chandler’ room.  I had to look him up on the Internet because I had never heard of him, but there are rumors he was a cross-dresser!  Sweet!

NYC 2010 NYC 2010 NYC 2010

The room itself was comfortable, if small.  The bathroom, divided into a shower and sink area and a small closet with a toilet in it, were toy-town small but functional.  The Chelsea Pines Inn also provides a complimentary breakfast each morning.  Free is the best price. 

So, what did I see in NYC?

NYC 2010NYC 2010

NYC 2010 NYC 2010  

The first place we went was Ground Zero.  Seeing the empty space, the hum of construction, and the American flags waving in the breeze is very moving. 

NYC 2010 NYC 2010   NYC 2010

After Ground Zero we walked up to Wall Street.  Along the way there was this guy dressed as a panda.  Awesome!

NYC 2010 NYC 2010 

Since it was Saturday it was pretty quiet on Wall Street and there were just a lot of tourists, like me, taking pictures. 

NYC 2010NYC 2010 NYC 2010 NYC 2010 

Next we decided to see the Empire State Building.  The views were fantastic!   From there we went to Times Square, but I did not feel comfortable taking my camera out there with all the people. 


On Sunday we moved to the Hotel Ganesvoort.  This was the hotel booked by the PR people, and it was very nice! 



The bathroom was BY FAR the nicest hotel bathroom I have ever seen.  Also, when I got there I also got a bag of goodies!

So, I’ll bet your curious about the actual event?  Well, come back tomorrow and I will give you the full scoop from The Spotted Pig to The Cake-Off for a Cause!

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Author: Kelly

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  • Wow, gorgeous photos! Nice goodie bag, too. Looking forward to the rest!

  • Cool pics and love the goodies!

  • Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun time!

  • can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  • i love nyc! all of your pictures brought back great memories! can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  • sounds like you had an awesome time. although i hate it when it’s cold, i still love my town.

  • Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip. I love the photo of the guy in the panda suit. lol.

  • Kelly – can’t wait to hear all about the rest of your trip! Love seeing all your photos, I love NYC – great city!

  • Thanks for sharing your trip, great pics, I miss NYC been awhile since I’ve been there. Its amazing how crowded Times Sq always is.

  • Love all of the NYC pictures. I had to chuckle, though, because I took quite a few pics of the bathroom and the four square photographs in my room at the Hotel Gansevoort. 🙂

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