Scenes from Munich 2009

While I am away at the First Annual FoodBuzz Festival I am going to leave you with some pictures from my recent trip to Munich, Germany and a promise of tasty recipes to come!

Be warned, this is a photo heavy post.  So where should I start?

The Food!!!

This was my first meal in Munich – It is a crisp fried chicken breast with french fries!

Scenes From Munich 2009

This was my last meal there … The Augustiner Bräu Special – Roasted Chicken, Pigs Knuckle, and Roast Suckling Pig served with Cabbage Salad and a HUGE Potato Dumpling!  The Pigs Knuckle changed my life.  Really.  Expect to see that one here as soon as I can source them!  And, before you ask, that is a full liter of beer!  Awesome!

Scenes From Munich 2009

This is a meat market in Viktualienmarkt, a large open air food market, just off the center square.  There are a few shops in the surrounding buildings, like this one.  The women inside who were making sausage were hearty and very Bavarian looking!

Scenes From Munich 2009

Then there are the desserts … and the breads … oh my!!

Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009

The Englischer Garten is one of the largest urban parks in the world, and is a peaceful place to spend a quiet morning.   It is also a good place to walk off some of the pastry and bread … and pigs knuckles!

Scenes From Munich 2009

Scenes From Munich 2009Scenes From Munich 2009Scenes From Munich 2009

Everywhere you turn there is something going on.  Here were two Chinese musicians playing just off Marienplatz, the center square in Munich.  They were pretty brilliant, but the CD’s they were selling were very expensive.

Scenes From Munich 2009

Speaking of Marienplatz … it is beautiful!  I got off the train and walked out of the station and saw this …Scenes From Munich 2009

Amazing, right?  But there was so much more everywhere I looked.

Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009 Scenes From Munich 2009

It may be even more beautiful at night!  This was my last look at Munich.  It was a lovely way to say good bye!

Scenes From Munich 2009

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Author: Kelly

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  • Beautiful photos! Have a great time at the festival!

  • Ah, childhood memories. My mother was born and raised in Bad Reichenhall– a little over an hour south of Munich. I grew up with Bavarian food and love reproducing the recipes. It’s funny how French Fries are considered junk food in America, but in Germany they are a side dish “pomme frites”. They taste way better, I think. Looking forward to seeing more of my mom’s heritage land.

  • Awesome pictures. I’d love to travel to Munich one of these days. It’s such a lovely place.

    Hope you’re enjoying the FB fest!

  • Pork knuckle!! One of the things I miss most about Germany..right after the beer:)

  • You are going to have such a fabulous time at the conference. I’ve been reading everyone’s updates, and the food and networking sounds/looks fantastic.

  • it was great to meet you! You were a great dining partner!

  • Amazing photos Kelly.

  • Bookmarked this page a while back and just got around to viewing these beautiful pictures. Thanks for bringing Munich to my computer screen, Kelly. My bags from the trip to Asia this past summer still have not been fully emptied out and I miss traveling already.

  • Leela – I know what you mean about travel. I always love to get home, but I find that within a few days I am ready to head back out again!

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