Creamy Orzo and Mushroom Pasta

Ever since I was invited to the Mushroom Council lunch a few months ago I have been looking for new ways to add mushrooms into my everyday meals.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta 

I have also been looking for new ways to use favorite ingredients because I can sometimes get into a cooking rut.  Orzo pasta is one of my pantry staples because it can be added to so many dishes to fill them out, but I almost always seem to use it in my chicken salad (recipe to come soon!).   So, I had mushrooms, I had orzo, and I had my imagination. 

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta 

What I came up with was a hit with all the people I tested it on, even those who swore up and down they did not like mushrooms.  The sauce is not too cheesy and stands up well to the flavorful mushrooms.  The topping adds a nice crunchy texture which plays well against the creaminess of the sauce.  Served with steak or grilled chicken this dish is sure to please!

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta   Serves 6

2/3 cup orzo pasta, regular or tri-color
2 tabelspoons butter
1 small shallot, minced
1 clove garlic minced
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
Fresh ground black pepper
1 cup chopped crimini mushrooms
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 ounces shredded cheddar or Gruyere cheese
1/4 cup panko bread crumbs
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika

Heat the oven to 350 F and coat a small baking dish with non-stick spray.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

Cook the orzo pasta according to package directions, reducing the cooking time by one minute.  Drain and set aside.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta  Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

In a saucepan over medium heat melt the butter until it foams.  Add the shallot and garlic and cook for one minute.  Add the chopped mushrooms, salt and pepper.  Cook until the mushrooms are soft and have reduced in size by half.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

Add in the flour and cook for one minute, making sure there is no clumps of dry flour remaining.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta 

Add in the milk slowly, stirring constantly, until there are no lumps remaining.  Add the cayenne pepper and cook until it simmers and has thickened. 

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo PastaCreamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

Turn off the heat and add the shredded cheese in three additions, making sure the cheese is completely melted before adding the next addition.  Stir on the orzo.

    Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta 

Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and top with the panko, Parmesan, and paprika. 

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

Bake for thirty minutes, or until the edges of the dish are bubbling and the topping has browned.

Creamy Mushroom and Orzo Pasta

Serve warm.

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Author: Kelly

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  • Looks delicious!!!

  • Very creamy! I love my mushrooms!

  • I haven’t cooked with orzo yet, I need to add that to the list of things I must try!!

    Looks really delicious!!! I recently have grown to appreciate the mushroom, so I’m trying to find as many dishes and ways I can use them in.

  • I love how this sounds. Mushrooms are one of my favorite veggies, this looks perfect to me.

  • I agree with you: orzo is such a versatile ingredient! Your recipe looks yummy and crispy (I love the addition of the breadcrumbs)! 🙂

  • looks absolutely delicious! Make me think of a risotto but I love the fact that you used Orzo Pasta

  • This looks amazing! Sort of a sophisticated mac n’ cheese. I can’t wait to make it.

  • you should really enter one of your photos in my new contest! details here http://heywhatsfordinnermom.blogspot.com/2009/07/vietnamese-pork-chops-and-sauteed-bok.html

  • Looks amazing! Love the creaminess and the crust! yum yum

  • orzo pasta is one of my favorite pastas to cook with. I love your recipe, so much flavor going on.

  • yum. orzo is such a great pasta – so versatile

  • LicksBowls

    Hello, Kelly!

    This is the first recipe I’ve made from this blog. I began following about a month ago, attracted by the well written descriptions, tempting photographs, and only semi-regular postings (keeps things manageable!).

    Just a quick note to say that this dish turned out wonderful, light, and highly flavorful. There are two of us, and we expected to have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow, but alas. All gone!

    This was easy to put together, too. We were lacking some ingredients, so I used shiitake mushrooms, regular paprika, and standard bread crumbs. Still, excellent.

    Thanks and happy cooking,


  • LicksBowls

    One quick question:

    if I wanted to double this recipe (same size pan), what would be a good estimate for oven temp and time baking?

  • Kelly

    LicksBowls – Glad you liked it! If you doubled the recipe I would suggest a 9×9 pan and bake it for an additional 5 to 10 minutes at the same temp. Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Neesha

    Great recipe. I mixed in quinoa (took out half the orzo and substituted quinoa), added some fontina cheese, and chili powder. Also, I chopped up some basil and threw that in with the panko in the end before baking. Thanks for the idea!

  • Scott

    Wanted to make it a main dish, so I added in some leftover roast chicken cubes about 1 1/2 lbs. and added about double the cheese. great leftover meal.

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