Pumpkin Bread

With the gift giving season descending upon us it makes sense to think about home baked gifts that you can do in advance.  Homemade gifts are, to me, the best gifts.  They indicate that someone took the time and interest to make you something that took more effort than selecting a gift card.  Homemade gifts say that you are important to them to should get something made personally and with love. With that in mind, I ALWAYS make...

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Bruna Kakor

                          Christmas cookies.  Two little words, but what images and memories they conjure.  In my family they are tradition.  I have five cookies that I make every year without fail. I have been known to add a new cookie into the mix from time to time with varied results, but I always stick to my five.     This year, I am making a change.  Out with the Sugar Cut-out cookies and in with Bruna Kakor!!     Penzey’s spice...

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Turkey Burgers

So, I am not feeling the holiday spirit this year, for some reason.  Maybe it is the elections, maybe it is the economy or the tax-payer bail-outs, or maybe it is the alignment of the stars.  Whatever the reason I have gotten lazy on my Christmas baking.  If I wait too much longer I will find myself in a full on panic.  To be fair, my freezer is full to the brim and there is really no room for more cookies, but I could clean it out if...

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Cookie Fest 2008

Last night I began my holiday cookie fest.  I made Chocolate Chip Bars and Nigella’s Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Mmmmm.  I doubled the recipes for both and I now have five containers of cookies ready to eat/give/serve in the freezer.   I will be doing Jam Thumbprints and Peanut Butter Cookies sometime this week, and this weekend I will do Ginger Snaps and Sugar Cut-out Cookies.  That will bee all the cookies...

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Leftover Turkey 101 – Turkey Chili

Last night I made a pot of chili, but rather than use ground steak I used chopped turkey breast.  Aside from being a lot better for you, and from being a clever way of using up more of the turkey meat from Thanksgiving, it was DARN tasty.  You really don’t miss the beef, and using beef broth helps punch up the meat flavor.  This is a Texas Red chili, meaning it is a bean free chili.  Beans, to me, ruin chili unless it is a meat...

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