Something I Did a While Ago …

  The Gallery has been updated with items in the Spring 2008, Fall 2008, and Cake Decorating sections.  Like this cake, that I did for a family who was celebrating the adoption of their granddaughter.  It was a special day and I was so pleased to be a small part of it! So, if you interested in seeing what I have been up to, please take a peek! A few months ago I did a video about the horror that is Sandra Lee’s Cherry Pie.  I am...

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Lemon Butter Cake

  I decided on the dessert for my grandmother’s birthday.  She loves lemon so I made a Lemon and Vanilla Bean Cake filled with Lemon Curd and coated in Cream Cheese Frosting. For the cake I used a recipe from culinary school for Yellow Butter Cake, but tweaked it with the zest of a lemon, an ounce of golden syrup, and a tablespoon of vanilla bean paste.  Since I was filling the cake with a very tangy lemon curd I wanted the cake...

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Thanksgiving Countdown – Cornbread Stuffing!!

My grandmother is going to be 89 tomorrow.   I know, 89!! She told me, when I asked what she wanted me to bake for her special day, to just make whatever.  "Great," I said and smiled, but inside I was frozen.  What was I going to make???? She has no idea what leaving this choice up to me has done.  You see, I am a planner.  Some would call it OCD, but I prefer to call it in control and in...

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Banoffee Pie … well, sort of and other musings

11/19/08 – I served the pie from the recipe below and it was quite tasty … and runny!  So, I would not fold in the whipped cream.  I would just sort of smooth out the toffee and spread it with great care.  But, the taste … spot on.  My family, once past the initial trepadation of a new dessert with a strange name, asked for seconds.  And, in one case, thirds. Yum! I registered for another semester of culinary school...

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Oh, bring it on Thanksgiving!

I will admit this to you, dear cyber readers.  For the last few months I have been a TOTAL baking slacker.   Cooking slacker also. Really?  Oh, yes. But, the impending holidays have reignited my desire to bake and fiddle around in the kitchen.  Well, that and a trip to Ireland.  Yes, Ireland the country.   I am addicted to back bacon and smoked salmon now.  I also got Nigella’s new Christmas cookbook while there.   (Did anyone...

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