Apathy and Pastry

The last couple of days have been personally stressful and to be honest I have not felt like doing much of anything.  Got a mean case of the ‘Blahs’.  I’m feeling slightly more motivated today.  Hopefully this trend continues. I did want to post an update on the reversed puff pastry I began last week at school.  Last night we finished the puff and used it for some really tasty, if a tad fugly looking, Napoleons. ...

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Forgotten Bundt Cake

Lovely lemon pound cake, forgotten on my dining room table!  Well, you weren’t eaten for the birthday for which you were baked, but you sure made a tasty breakfast!  It was quite lovely, lightly lemony and not too sweet.  I’m sure by the end of the day most of it will be eaten.  That is how it should be. There is something kind of comforting about a bundt cake.  Maybe it is just me, but when I was a kid there was always...

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Odds and Ends

Who doesn’t love a good muffin?  I know I do.  And the muffins pictured below are hard to resist.  Trust me!  I told you all about these muffins last week.  Here is a link to the blog entry that includes the recipe for these chocolaty lovelies.  You really should make them. I am so PLEASED that the Giants won the Super Bowl!  I was afraid, at the end, that New England was going to win but the Giants were able to score one more...

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Reverse Puff Pastry and Party Dips

So, last night we made, or at least began making, reverse puff pastry. Unlike regular puff pastry where butter is enclosed in dough, reverse puff pastry encloses dough in butter.  As the name implies it is reverse of the regular way.  Oddly enough it worked quite well though the first three turns (I have two to complete next Wednesday) despite the very warm room in which I worked. Are you asking yourself how it works?  Well, if so,...

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