Slacking off, Starters and School Stories

Well, I said I would take pictures of the pizza I made, but I didn't.  To be honest with you, I was so ready to eat when it was done I did not even give the camera one thought.  It was very tasty (like the last time) and it looked lovely.  You will have to take my word for it.  The other breads I baked I took pictures of, including some of the bread I made at school.  Sometime this week I will have my...

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More Pizza, Sourdough Starter Update, and Weekend Baking

I will be making more pizza this weekend.  The first batch was so good, and my brother is coming over, I can't help myself.  I must make it again!  I think I will start the biga tonight, make the dough tomorrow night and stash it in the fridge for a good long ferment.  Slow ferment means more flavor, and flavor is almost always a good thing.  Ol' Yeastie, my starter I began just under a week ago, is...

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Breads & Rolls – 1st full week

Lord am I tired.  Monday and Tuesday our class ran long by about 30 minutes.  This does not sound so bad until you consider class is from 7pm to 9:50pm and my drive home is 20 minutes.  I am a little exhausted. Night 1 –  We started with our 'sour' sponge for baguettes.  I say 'sour' because we added half an onion to make a mock-sourdough.  We also revisited two...

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A Weekend Spent Baking

I tend to dive head first into projects that are of interest to me.  At the moment, and it should come as no surprise to anyone, my obsession is bread. Now, we are not talking about the homogeneous loafs of bland white sandwich bread that line the shelves at the super-mega mart.  What we are talking about is the hand crafted, rustic loafs of bread with distinct flavor, crustiness and texture.  I had some minor...

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More About Bread

Well, the pizza crust recipe from my text book ROCKED!!  Crispy and crunchy on the outside with a soft chewy inside with an irregular cell structure.  Perfect texture on the bottom of the crust too … crisp yet chewy.  This is my new pizza crust recipe.  Having to start the day before is well worth it!  Sadly, it was eaten before I thought to take a picture, but as I am sure I will be making this...

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