Last week we made cakes, and I did not remember to take any pics!!!  The good news is we are decorating the cakes this Saturday so I will get to take my pics then. Cakes are pretty easy for me, in general, but our teams angel food cakes fell in the oven.  Our teacher said that anything could have caused it, and since they still tasted good they would have been fine in a strawberry shortcake (get it, short?) or in a berry...

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Puff Pastry, Tarts, and Mid-Terms

I got 107 on my mid-term.  WOW, eh?  I got a lot of points for the extra credit she offered, and that saved my bacon! We made tarts, puff pastry dough and pate a choux (like cream puffs and eclairs) in class Saturday, but I did not get any pics this week.  (I know, naughty!)  Things went smooth, and there were no anger issues or prima donna drama!  I also learned how to make a cream swan!  (It is way more...

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